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Christian Backes B.S. CSCS

Director of Athlete Development

Here at Fullride we strive to have top coaches to connect our athletes with when it comes to Sports Performance. 

Coach Backes has become one of the top names in Colorado when it comes to performance training. Christian grew up in the area and played Division 1 Football and Division 2 MCLA Lacrosse. For the past 3 years he has worked with multiple division 1, division 2, and division 3 level athletes as well as athletes from the MLB, NFL, and MiLB. Additionally Coach Backes has led the strength and conditioning programs for two of the top lacrosse programs in the North Denver area. Coach Backes is also the owner of Ironworks Performance in North Denver.

Coach Backes will be leading and developing all of Fullride's online coaching programs and will be working 1 on 1 with each athlete who decides to take charge of their training and begin building a foundation with one of our programs.

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