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Take your performance to the next level

We care about your performance here at Fullride; to help aid each and every athlete in their journey we have partnered with TrainHeroic and our Director of Athlete Development, Christian Backes B.S. CSCS, has taken the time to build programs specifically to help take your game to the next level. 

Sometimes Life Is About Risking Everything For A Dream No One Can See But You

Why Do You Need To Train?


At Fullride we fully believe that strength training as well as speed, and agility training are a key factor in an athlete gaining an edge to play at the next level. 

To do that, an athlete needs to find a program that not only suites their needs, but the needs of their sport as well. 

As an athlete you want to gain a competitive edge over your peers right? The weight room can help you build a strong foundation to help you not only get more explosive, but also help you get faster, leaner, and build more muscle mass. 

Our Director of Athlete Development, Christian Backes, has one goal for each and every athlete he works with, and this is the same goal we share here at Fullride when it comes to sports performance. 

"Get to the next level, and be able to compete with the top upperclassmen on the team!"

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