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When it comes to college recruiting for high school athletes there are a limited number of ways to go about it-

  1. An athlete can sit on the sidelines and hope coaches recruit them

  2. An athlete and his parents can pay for an over-priced recruiting service that may or may not assist them throughout the process

  3. An athlete can be proactive and go after the scholarship

We chose to pursue option number three.  However, this option generally requires hours and hours of research and work to contact and follow up with the coaches.

What if we could dramatically simplify this process by providing the tools to conduct the research and manage the communication process?  What if we could offer all high school athletes access to the guidance and advice at little to no cost that only a fortunate few have access to today?   

That's how we came up with Fullride™.  A college athletic recruiting management system and process for the athlete and parents. 


Fullride™ is a cutting edge recruiting management system (coming soon) and athlete network designed to assist student athletes and their parents in managing the college athletic recruiting process from beginning to end. The Fullride recruiting solution will allow athletes to research, contact, manage and track the entire process from a personal dashboard. 

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